Conferencia Internacional do programa a_tempo [EN]

Autor/a: Vicepresidencia da Igualdade e do Benestar
Idioma: Inglés
Tamaño: 397806
Descrición: The International Conference “Early detection in pre-primary-schools” aims to provide a meeting place for all who are interested in exploring new and efficacious insights in the field of early childhood education. There is increasing awareness that building partnership among families, schools and community services is a quality social standard which is needed nowadays to provide children with the support that they eventually might need to unfold their full range of possibilities. Thanks to the joint work carried out by the Vicepresidencia da Igualdade e do Benestar and the Asociación Galega de Atención Temperá and, overall, to the welcome of families and the dedication of the staff involved, it has been possible to implement and develop an exciting process of in-service training: the program a_tempo, Now, within the context of this International Conference, we all will have the opportunity to know more about this and other experiences which are searching for new answers and new models of early childhood education and care, new routes to transform risk into opportunities and difficulties into possibilities. We look forward to welcome you in Santiago. We expect your participation, your opinions and your ideas.

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